Could Chris Carter win Te Atatu as an independent MP?

As someone who visits his electorate frequently on tertiary education business and as a member of his electorate for 12 years it appears as though the people of Te Atatu of a high opinion of their local MP.

Keep in mind that Chris Carter’s personal majority in 2008 was 5000 votes while Labour lost the party vote by about 12 votes. Chris Carter could easily win in Te Atatu should he decide to stand.

Labour – and New Zealand are in need of personal integrity and independent political leadership. Someone willing to call an unelectable leader an unelectable leader. (Edited from spade to spade to deflect racism accusations) Chris Carter is our man.

Perhaps, however, the real question we should be asking is: could Chris Carter win Te Atatu if he were to stand as a candidate for another party?

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By Carly:

“Indeed, Chris has raised a very difficult yet important problem, we have a Labour leader who is completely incapable of winning the next election yet no visible desire from the rest of the party to face up to this problem. Anyone who has spent anytime in the Labour party of course knows of it’s members blind devotion in place of critical self reflection. A church if there ever was one.

Chris might be crazy, he might have lost it, he might be a horrible vindictive man, none of this however changes the validity of the problem I raised above.”

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Chris Carter is couragous.

Chris showed his courage by showing the world what the Labour Party really thinks of Phil Goff. As much of a nice guy as he may have been there was no way that Phil could have won the election.

Phil had serious credibility problems, he was a rogernome turned socialist and an even bigger flip-flopper than Key ever was. It’s time for Phil to go. We’re with Chris on this one!

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